Skitouring-Instructions for initiation days

Instructions for initiation days

During an initiation day, we learn the basics of ski touring, especially kick turns. We also learn to use safety equipment, avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe. The exit is easy, not too physical to the climb (~ 700 m vertical drop), not too hard on the descent. The goal is not to break records but to have fun and not to leave anyone behind.

Contact Pierre Lloria or Michel Vivaudou to sign up for the outing. Places are limited and depend on the number of supervisors available that day.

Once registered, you will need to:

  • Be insured by the AS: This is the case if you already have an annual registration to any section of the sport association (Registration to the Mountain section is not necessary for the Initiation day, but will be necessary if you want to participate in other outings later). Otherwise, you must register for the day for 2 €. Registration is done at the AS secretariat (and not at the Mountain Section) and can be done the Friday before the departure between 12h30 and 13h30. (Or another day before. See opening hours: No particular papers are needed.
  • Have the required safety equipment with you (avalanche transceiver-probe-shovel = APS). This equipment is provided free of charge for the Initiation day on the day of the tour. Thereafter, it can be borrowed from the Mountain Section for 3€ / week.
  • Come to the AS Montagne room on the Friday before the trip between 1pm and 1.30pm to contact the supervisors and plan the trip (contact details of participants and supervisors, departure time, destination, means of transport, equipment, etc.). Exceptionally, if you cannot come to the office, it is necessary to contact the supervisors.
  • Bring with you with at least: APS, ski + skins + ski crampons + ski poles + ski shoes (not provided by the AS, but available for rent for example at Kozma, Barthélémy, Adrénaline, Espace Montagne, La Boite à skis), backpack, ski gloves, light gloves, hat, sunglasses, water bottle or thermos, ski clothes, snacks. Ski crampons are useful on steep, icy slopes.
  • When ski touring, it is hot on the way up and cold on the way down.
    • Top: prefer several removable layers. Technical underwear (avoid cotton), small fleece, windproof fleece, down jacket, waterproof jacket / windbreaker.
    • Bottom: prefer waterproof pants but single layer if possible.
  • In the backpack (about 30 liters to put the shovel, the probe, the ski crampons and your clothes when you’re hot):
    • Picnic lunch.
    • Dried fruits or cereal bars.
    • 1 liter of water per person (gourd or tea if you have a thermos).
    • Phone / camera.
    • Cash (bring change) or check for transportation costs to share (about 5-10 euros / pers.).
  • Be on time at the meeting place (normally the AS building) on the morning of the exit: A vehicle is not necessary. The gate of the AS zone is closed on weekends; the supervisors will be able to open it for you. Participants organize themselves to share the available vehicles. Transport costs are shared, at the rate of 0.33€/km for personal vehicles (for gas and vehicle use) + any tolls.

It is essential to notify us if you cannot come.